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How do I book a trial

Simply call or email us using the details on our contact page. Free trials are available at our classes most of the time.

What should I bring to my trial class?

Please wear sports applicable clothing such as a T-Shirt, joggers and trainers. You should also bring a drink of water. Everything else you'll need is provided for you during your trial period.

How do I join?

After your trial classes we will give you a joining pack explaining all the information you'll need. Joining will involve getting a uniform and some essential equipment, alongside a regular monthly training fee.

What sort of martial art do you teach?

We teach sport kickboxing i.e. punching and kicking with the aim to develop sparring techniques, speed, flexibility, endurance and tactical knowledge.
We are a bit like taekwondo and karate but with less tradition and a stronger focus on the sporting and combat elements of martial arts.

My child is shy or timid. Will they be OK?

Yes of course. We specialise in teaching skills and encouraging students. Although we teach a combat sport which includes sparring we are not a fight club (i.e. focussed on competitive sparring above all else). There is time and space for everyone to develop at their own pace, building skills and confidence without fear of getting hurt.

Do I need to have previous knowledge in martial arts?

No you don't. Our style of teaching and our syllabus is designed to take you from complete beginner to black belt standard. If you have a background with a different club you will also be welcome to join us and many of your previous skills are likely to be transferable to our sport.

Do you have belts?

Yes. We have a syllabus based uniform & belt system with grading opportunities a few times each year. We have a special syllabus for our young dragons which gives them plenty of opportunity to progress and be recognised. For older students we have an 8 belt syllabus leading to black belt.

Do you run classes in school holidays.

We take three months off per year which approximate school holidays. We don't meet for a month around Easter, August and a month around Christmas. No training fees are due during those periods.

Can I keep my belt from my previous club?

The answer is both yes and no. If you've trained in another stand up martial art you will have developed skills that are transferable. If you request it, we will review your techniques and skills over an initial period and may choose to award you a grade in our system. Of course belt colours and the requirements to meet them are different from club to club so even if we choose to award you an initial rank, it's very unlikely the actual colour of your belt would remain the same.

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