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Classes at Exodus Martial Arts

Engaging and exciting classes for all ages

Take a look at the class descriptions below to see what we can offer you and your children.



Starting out in Martial Arts

Our dragons classes are for the younger children aged 4-8 years. In these classes we teach them the basics of sport kickboxing along with the discipline and respect for each other, that is a recognised feature of many martial arts.
For children of this age it's import that the classes are enjoyable so we keep seeking new and exciting ways to teach the fundamentals of our sport.
Regular reward and encouragement is vital to younger children, as is recognition of progression which we deliver through through our specialist dragons syllabus, which can take them to a very good level of skill before they advance to our junior academy.



Learning, developing and progressing

For ages 8-12 years our junior classes are designed to teach skills to children who are now ready to understand at a deeper level the concepts of martial arts and to build effective techniques and skills.
This includes how to move and hold their bodies efficiently, execute and perform techniques against a live opponent and develop a thorough understanding of all aspects of our sport.
As in all our classes, our juniors are encouraged to work hard to learn the skills they are being taught, to refine and hone those skills to a high level and to take pride in their own development.
Our juniors are at their start of their progression through our senior syllabus and we encourage them to put in the effort required to progress to the higher belts.


Teens and Adults

Going up the gears

For teens and adults all our classes are designed for you to progress at your own pace whilst helping you enjoy all aspects of your martial arts. You can work on your fitness through exercises and pad work, focus on flexibility and the health benefits martial arts brings or simply enjoy controlled sparring with others. For those looking for technical progression, you can work though our syllabus reaching the higher belts as you practice and perfect the techniques and skills required.

Classes: Classes
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