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Our Belt System

Please download the attached file to see our belt system. Belts are awarded at a grading at the discretion of the instructor and grading panel. To be eligible to take a grading for a particular belt, the student must have reached the necessary technical level of ability for that belt, be of a minimum age, attended a minimum number of classes since their last grading, and shown an appropriate dedication and commitment to training. 

We adopt this system to ensure our students are properly and fairly rewarded at the appropriate time in their martial arts journey with us. We want our students to be proud of their belts and to know they have earned them and deserved them. For us, belts are a recognition and celebration of achievement and dedication, rather than a simple bribe to keep training.

We hope that if our students took off their belts, a spectator would still be able to rank them fairly accurately just by observing them training and performing techniques.

"95% of students are capable of progressing to black belt. Not all have the determination to get there"


Our Belt System: Files
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