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Martial Arts for Everyone

Sport Kickboxing Classes in Maidenhead

Let's get training in 2023 with the best value martial arts classes in the areas. Our friendly but focussed classes help children, teens and adults get the best out of their martial arts adventure. Why not browse our site then contact us to book your free trial class!

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Why Choose Exodus?

What makes us different to the rest.

At Exodus Martial Arts we know that there are many reasons people try out martial arts training. These include developing confidence, physical fitness, flexibility or learning how to defend yourself. It may by simply to learn a new skill and to take pride in your achievement and progression.

Whatever your motivation, we aim to support you in your martial arts journey as you seek to achieve your potential. Regardless of age and ability you'll be very welcome to join us. We are martial arts for everyone. We are martial arts for normal people.

Martial arts clubs can sometimes fall in to one of two categories - the "fight clubs" who focus mainly on combat and become elistist or the "McDojo" centres who are welcoming but have forgotten that martial arts are combat sports. At Exodus we try to get the balance right - we teach combat skills but recognise high level fighting is not everyone's aim. We want all our students to be able to engage fully in our classes, building effective skills and techniques in a positive and supporting environment. 

We want you to be sure Exodus is for you before joining, so we offer all new enquirers free trial classes. You've nothing to lose and you may be surprised how much you enjoy it.

One of our proudest achievements is our turnover rate which is amongst the lowest in the industry. Our students love us, love training with us, love learning with us, love progressing with us and we love all our classes with them.

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Our students

Working hard, developing skills, having fun.

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